If these guys are seriously bugging you, know you’re not alone. Although they’re not as dangerous as other bugs, their ability to nest just about anywhere both inside and out and attract more through the spread of pheromones can be a frustration for any homeowner. Other than being all over your yard and nesting in your wall voids, ants can typically be found in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and basements.
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While most spiders aren’t dangerous, they can be an indicator of entry points, and a sign you have more pests. Brown recluse and black widow bites can cause serious harm depending on the size and health of the person.. Spider webs are often the easiest sign and can be spotted around vents, ceiling corners, corners of rooms, under decks, under patio furniture, around window sills, under eaves, and in garage corners.
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Found in almost every neighborhood across the country, there are thousands of different types of wasps. Unfortunately mud daubers are most common in the Mojave desert region. Once they’ve made their way onto your property, you can find their mud nests in trees, shrubs, underneath eaves, on porch ceilings, garages, sheds and attics.
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Scorpions are arachnids, not insects as you would think. They are close relatives to spiders, mites and ticks. Equipped with a stinger, they are one of the most feared pests in Southern Utah. Scorpions may invade structures and crawl under any object that provides protection. Usually they’re hard to spot unless you use a black light when it’s dark.
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Second to ants, roaches rule the Mojave desert region. Many people are unaware of the harm roaches can cause to your health. They can carry and spread diseases, trigger allergies and asthma attacks, carry parasites, and even contaminate food. Without professional experience, equipment, and product, taking care of roaches effectively is extremely difficult. At Pallas Pest Control, we specialize in not only getting rid of these guys, but actually preventing them completely.
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